President’s Message: Forward and Upward

The conditions placed on our society had a dramatic effect on the aerospace industry as well…You can tell a lot about a person and a company in how they deal with difficulties, and I started to see what Son-Aero was really made of.

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We Continue to Prepare for Growth Despite COVID-19

As companies struggle to stay in business during these challenging times, we at Son-Aero are fortunate enough to be investing in new technologies, adding more members to our team, and preparing for growth in all areas of our manufacturing business.

Inside Look: C-17 Wingtip Lens Cover Manufacturing

The C-17 is critical aircraft to the United States military and warfighter.  Learn more about our wingtip lens cover manufacturing process for the C-17 platform. 

Consolidating Your Aerospace Supply Chain

Streamlining your aerospace manufacturing supply chain to improve productivity, delivery, and reduce costs–all without sacrificing quality–is key in today’s changing landscape.

Team Member Spotlight: Carlos Solano-Jimenez

Get to know Sales Representative, Carlos Solano-Jimenez in this Team Member Spotlight. See why he’s a great asset to our sales team.

Team Member Spotlight: Alberto Silva

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Alberto Silva to Plant Manager here at Son-Aero. Get to know him a little better.