President’s Message: Forward and Upward

The conditions placed on our society had a dramatic effect on the aerospace industry as well…You can tell a lot about a person and a company in how they deal with difficulties, and I started to see what Son-Aero was really made of.

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We Continue to Prepare for Growth Despite COVID-19

As companies struggle to stay in business during these challenging times, we at Son-Aero are fortunate enough to be investing in new technologies, adding more members to our team, and preparing for growth in all areas of our manufacturing business.

Inside Look: C-17 Wingtip Lens Cover Manufacturing

The C-17 is critical aircraft to the United States military and warfighter.  Learn more about our wingtip lens cover manufacturing process for the C-17 platform. 

Consolidating Your Aerospace Supply Chain

Streamlining your aerospace manufacturing supply chain to improve productivity, delivery, and reduce costs–all without sacrificing quality–is key in today’s changing landscape.

Team Member Spotlight: Jose Garcia

Get to know Jose Garcia of Son-Aero : “I like to share my knowledge with my fellow employees and co-workers.”

Team Member Spotlight: Robert Chavez

Get to know Robert Chavez, Procurement Manager: “I’m still a believer in “A Person’s Word is Their Bond;” you need to have honesty and morals to be part of a team.”

Team Member Spotlight: Rosa Perez

Get to know Rosa Perez: “As a leader, I aim to lead by example and encourage my team to keep their integrity by not being afraid to tell the truth, even when things don’t go as expected. It’s always about doing the right thing.”