Custom Hybrid Aerospace Components

One of the services that sets Son-Aero apart is our ability to manufacture hybrid parts. We make plastic, metal, and rubber parts that we can bond or assemble to other parts made from the same or different materials, thereby creating hybrid assemblies.

We provide a one-stop solution to many custom aerospace parts dilemmas, eliminating the need for two or more aerospace components manufacturers to create one hybrid component. Because of this, we can pass along the cost-saving benefits to our customers. We are often able to produce more affordably, with a shorter lead time, and better quality, since we control the process from start to finish.

hybrid parts
hybrid manufacturing
hybrid parts

Aircraft Component Manufacturers and Aerospace Component Manufacturers are not all created equal. Even with similar equipment and processes we invite you to experience the difference a solid custom aerospace component manufacturer, like Son-Aero, can make. We pride ourselves on a foundation of core values that include integrity, respect, and excellence, alongside a people-first culture that extends from the highest positions to the lowest. Every person is crucial. Every process and product is held to the highest standards. We are tactical and strategic, firmly aligned with our customers’ standards, and resilient in the face of inevitable unknowns. We invite you to experience the difference with Son-Aero.