en-gi-neer-ing /noun/ a branch of science concerned with the development, design and implementation of solutions to problems using knowledge, machines, tooling and innovation

Sonfarrel Aerospace LLC (Son-Aero) relies on the knowledge and experience of our engineering staff for estimating, planning and allocation of resources to maximize production across a wide spectrum of manufacturing techniques. It requires a unique skillset which encompasses knowledge, research, and creativity.

We assist our customers with material selection to enhance their products while meeting the technical requirements for strength, reliability and producibility. The range of materials available included plastics, composites, rubber, metal and fabric. Each material group may be specified individually or in unique combinations for specific results. The blending of technologies gives us an advantage when dealing with complex assemblies and intricate part configurations.

Aerospace manufacturing requires a distinct blend of practical and technical knowledge that is tempered by Quality Assurance and the ability to inspect and validate results. We utilize the latest technology within our work centers but never lose sight of the need for practical knowledge handed down for generations from master machinists to their apprentices. Standard work instructions and shop routers must be clear and concise so our staff can perform and produce quality products on time and within budget.