The future of Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace is here. Son-Aero is ready.

One of the biggest aerospace trends for 2019-2020 is the increase in 3D printing for aerospace and aircraft parts. 3D printing for aerospace is causing shifts in not only how aerospace components are manufactured but how the very manufacturing capabilities can be used to change, combine ,or expand functionality of aerospace parts. Now that not only plastic but metal parts can be manufactured through additive manufacturing, it’s easier to produce lighter parts for aviation, but it also opens up the possibility of combining  or consolidated parts.

Additive manufacturing helps cut manufacturing and assembly costs and also offers more flexibility in production numbers of 3D printed aircraft parts. This saves both time and money, and also reduces your carbon footprint.

The aerospace industry continues to find new applications for additive manufacturing.

Whether it is being utilized for making prototypes or production parts, 3D printing has now been accepted into the industry as a cutting edge manufacturing resource.

However in this cutting edge facet of our industry, it is vitally important to use manufacturers who are experienced and knowledgeable in using 3D additive manufacturing in aerospace applications. It requires a high level of expertise in addition to world class equipment and quality-control standards.

Son-Aero is uniquely suited to 3D printing of aerospace parts because of our expertise and long track record of producing quality aerospace parts with the highest quality standards.

We have partnered with industry experts who can print multiple materials such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, Ultem, PEEK, and many other materials used in both the commercial and defense areas of the aerospace industry.

Our STAR Initiative program ensures the utmost quality of your additive manufactured aerospace parts by utilizing our 360 degree lean manufacturing process.

Additive manufacturing just might be the right solution for your next program. With lighter-weight 3D printed parts you can save not only in parts weight, but material costs, fuel costs, tooling costs, and more.

Send us your concept or CAD models and we will work with you to fulfill your needs.